i just spent the last 1.5 hours looking through my old entries.. and let me tell ya, i kinda regret not going here more often. i loved how my old entries made me feel. the awesome quotes, the parties and concerts i went to… i’m bummed i didn’t chronicle the other amazing things that has happened to me. especially in 2007.

so let’s start.

here are some things i will NEVER EVER forget about 2007:

March for Life
    we got snowed in, so school was cancelled… but my awesome friends lindsay and kramer still decided to go with me. so we stormed the streets of DC without any clue of what we’re supposed to do.. but who cares?? it was amazing…. tiring, but still fun. (except this year, Lindsay begged me not to make her go again haha)

Peer Ministry Retreat
    i was blessed enough to be chosen to be a peer minister. AWESOME! this retreat was so much fun. good food, the games, the ropes course… simply amazing. i got to know more people. and i guess it did help us get closer and work as a team. that was sweet.

Kairos XIX
    another blessing in my life. i’m pretty sure i made an entry about that somewhere here… hmmmm… refer to that.. haha. but in a nutshell, these 4 days were the best 4 days of my life. it changed me for the better. and im still holding on to those changes. LTF.

NOLA CHWC Summer 2007
    this week… oh man. we met people from all over the country. from philly, chicago, new orleans… and guess where else?? ALASKA! no way, man! seriously! haha it felt good to help out tose people who needed it. and it helped us too. morally and spiritually. who can ever forget the four corners?? or the adoration?? or when i slipped? haha shift…….happens. let’s go, Popple.

The Fray concert
    okay, i gotta give them props. it wasnt as awesoe as the other concerts ive been to… maybe because there’s less dancing.. and jumping.. and moshing.. but they do write amazing songs, so kudos.

Warped Tour
    NOW THAT’S WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! this, my friends, is what rock shows should be! loud, hot, and sweaty. and it lasts for about  8 hours! aww yeah, that’s rock and roll. we saw a lot bands and MET a lot of them too. a must do again!

My first job
    hahaha washington hospital center volunteer! awww yeah! haha ive done volunteer work before, but not when i totally didn’t have to do it. this was pure servince to my community. me giving back.
    and for college apps. 😀

Kairos XX
    i’m never thankful enough for all the good things that happen to me. i was given the chance to lead Kairos… as the Rector! awesome opportunity to serve others, and let me just say that i am very honored. i am proud of those who changed their lives around for this. it made me happy. a different kind of happy than Kairos XIX, but im thankful it happened.

    Paramore with The Starting Line with The Almost! awesome show!! no really! amazing!!! Hayley Williams’ voice is perfect pitch, it’s like listening to the cd. the rendition of “my heart” that they did was almost spiritual. “my heart is fixed, oh Lord, my heart is fixed. i will sing and give praise.”

    All Time Low and Mayday Parade and Dropout Year and The Morning Light!!! best show ever! we met all of these bands after the show…. and they were all SO nice! looking forward to my next show..

all those times we hung out
    haha, those movie nights. that ‘band practice’, sleepovers… when we played cards, mad gab.. and of course… catchphrase. or that time with the curlers? i have amazing buddies.

i am absolutely positive that i forgot to put sumtin here, and i would totally kick myself over for it later when i remember.. but… sigh. what can i say? 2007 was just too amazing for my feeble mind to handle.

2008, you have a HELL of a lot to live up to. make me proud.

ps: let me just end this with a promise. seeing as how important it is for me to reminisce a few years back on how weird i was in HS (and HS is about to be over. im a second semester senior! how awesome does that sound??), i rpomise you, my dear xanga, that i would be back more often. no more private blogs, coz mainly, those are the depressing stuff. i will bring you the happy stuff, the stuff that reminds you of rainbows and butterflies, stuff that would make unicorns and ponies look like a funeral. you will vomint sunshine… point is, these happy memories that are about to come are going straight here. especially those funny quotes. (and no, not just from demetri martin…) so bring on the fun.

but as of now, i must retire.


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