liberation.. hurrah!

three days of school never seemed longer…

the march for life was fun! it wasn’t as amazing as the previous ones because we didn’t go inside the verizon center.. bummer. i miss the dancing and the singing and celebrating mass with 250,000 people.  but this year, it wasn’t as cold, we actually had time to eat, we actually marched, and we actually had an idea where to go. it was sweet.


i would upload more, but….. im lazy.

i dropped Contemporary Short Fiction and Poetry.. coz i’m a slacker. that’s the senioritis kicking in. haha no, it was just too much work..

in mylene’s american lit class:
Dino: what did you write for your conclusion, mylene?
Mylene: well.. i said that-
Dino: oh never mind… i forgot.. i’m not talking tot he Baltazars.. your sister dropped my class!

oh, i’m gonna miss those witty remarks. on the bright side, i got a free period now… awesome.

here’s a funny story..
justin padua: for my bday, im gonna have a small gathering.. and i’m inviting the baltazars…
his dad: oh i’m gonna have towear my glasses
everyone: …why…?
his dad: coz last time, he poked me in the eye with his hair


so i’ve been listening to a lot of Mitch Hedberg lately.
“i dyed my hair.. because i thought some strands were more important than the others.”
he’s funny. not as hilarious as demetri martin, but i could use some laughs.

teeth are finally metal-free. thank goodness. and my hair is
shorter……… idk why these things are worth mentioning. i just
really wish i had sumtin more interesting to say…………. i’ll keep
track of the funny things that happen in life…. jeez, getting back
into blogging is hard.

I could never be the one that you want, don’t ask.
Well, here’s to living in the moment
‘Cause it passed.

“Carry You” by Jimmy Eat World


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