don’t make this easy…

i take it back. i don’t want anything more than a “hey i got a haircut!” anything is just too much for me to handle… or sometimes i just don’t care. why can’t i go back to those days when i wasn’t involve in… well.. anything? these past 6 months have been blissfully happy. there are still lessoned learned, but no drama. so why now?? waste of time and energy…

this valentine’s day was probably the funnest it’s been. oh yeah, funnest. too many things going on all at once. but life’s funny when it’s not happening to you. it’s always fun to be on the outside and watch…especially if you caused some of the trouble… haha kidding. that’s just if no one involved is hurt. and that totally gives me an awesome segue to this shirt i saw…

“Life’s funny until someone pokes an eyeball out.. and then, Hey, free eyeball!”
i think i’ve found a new line to live by.

instead of working on my senior thesis, i’m blogging in xanga while everyone’s either having a life, being responsible… or in facebook.

it’s times like this when i’d normally i’d say “get me out of here…” but idk anymore. don’t get me wrong, i still want freedom… but idk if i can actually get out of here by the time i originally planned…. hmmmm i sound like i’m planning something devious….why yes, i’m that conniving.

is everything we do just for narcissistic purposes? is there such a thing that’s a completely selfless act?

some things i need to spend some time on:
-Kairos renion planning
-senior thesis
-college scholarships
-college.. in general
-fixing broken things.. wtvr that means
-making amends..?

idk what it is about making lists… but they still make me feel better. maybe because it shows me all the stuff i still need to do…or maybe listing the stuff i’m responsible for is as close as i’m gonna get to actually doing them….