So much for keeping up

well, the highlight of this is
i loved SJC, but it’s time for a change..

so……… of course, being the lazy bum that i am, i never put down anything that ever happens.

well, i got to go home to the Philippines this summer. My grandma passed away. that was heartbreaking to find out. i never even hugged her for the last time. but it’s good, i know she’s happy now and she’s not in pain anymore. but beside the sad part, going home was great. IT. WAS. AWESOME. i loved seeing all my cousins and all friends from middle school. it was really good that we went home. i got to see the place i grew up in, people i grew up with, people i love. it’s like time stopped over there. nothing changed. except now there’s flood, but besides that, it’s cool. we actually had to walk through a storm to get to our house from my grandma’s.. but it’s straight.

another highlight – WARPED TOUR! i CANNOT do justice to this music festival. dehydration and summer heat are NOTHING to me, just as long as i get to hear and see good music. it was awesome. (i fee like i’ve exhaustedthat word so many times that it has lost its meaning.) well, it was stupendous. we met a few bands: MAYDAY PARADE of course! Travis from We The Kings, The Higher, Family Force Five, RELIENT K! like my friend Tony says, “It was Grrrreat.”

and my third news: COLLEGE WAHOOO
i just got back from orientation, and yeah, it was a little awkward. but towards that night, it turned out to be really fun. we stayed up until 1:30 playing cards in…. wait for it….. the laundry room. all the cool kids took all the space in the other room (with better air conditioning!! uncool.) but it was fun nonetheless. i can’t waiiiiiiit to start.

OH and how can i forget Geraldines’ 18th bday bash? that was, legit, the BEST PARTY i’ve ever been to. it was the perfect way to end high school. i mean, there were a few mishaps…:s but all in all, it was def a night to remember. (and the mints were crazy awesome. i have to go to Superfresh to buy more…) we need more shindigs before out senior class head out to different directionssssss.

Kum cha. kum cha. bunny-bunny bunny-bunny. toki-toki toki-toki. awwwwwww snap.
“Baby, you know i love you, would you smile for me?”
“you know i love you, but i can’t smile for you right now.”
sexiiest cotillion court ever.

of course, as much fun as i’ve had, there’s always a downside. a classmate of mine got arrested. and not just because of fighting or shoplifting. this is LEGIT hardcore stuff. they found rifles, shotguns, explosives, bombs, and other stuffa t his house. and apparently, it started LAST summer. we were walking around school with this kid (and his accomplice), with them having the knowledge of detonating bombs. crazy. and creepy. but i’m scared. yeah, i’m scared for my teachers (whose lives are in danger right now because of an alleged list) and i’m scared for ym brother and sister. but i’m scared for the two kids who got arrested. their futures are ruined. and i get that they screwed up, but… idk. i’m scared of course of what they can do. but i’m scared for them. the coming up months, or even years, are gonna be so horrible. my prayers go out to anyone who needs it.

okaaaaayyyyy… moving on from the scary part,..
summer’s been awesome. OH YEAH we got ROCKBAND! and it is totally wicked. i show my gut busting moves on the drums and my sweet guitar licks. the singing.. let’s just say i wasn’ meant to hold a mic…. ever.

so that’s it for now. i have to go get breakfast. and practice my parallel parking…. see you in like.. what? 5 months? haha hopefully not.