In this episode of One Tree Hill…

Weird. These past few months have been like a season of One Tree Hill. The drama, the pressure, the excitement. Remember that episode when they won the State Championship? That’s how last night felt. And yes, I know, not the same caliber. But it still meant something. Something HUGE, for everyone.

Basketball regular season is almost over. I fell in love with UMD basketball. Just amazing. Probably the biggest thing I’m going to miss about College Park when I leave, besides friends of course.

Plenty of memories in Comcast. Let’s highlight them, shall we?

1) Maryland Madness – This apparently originated in College Park. How sick is that?? It was pretty fun, but that was just the beginning.

2) The UNC game (2009) – The first time I EVER rushed the court. SUCH A GREAT FEELING. Maryland, unranked at the time, won against #3 UNC. IN YO FACE.

3) Georgia Tech (2010) – HOLY EFFIN WOW. DOUBLE buzzer beaters. The gods were really on our side that night. We were going to win that game, no matter whatever kind of miracle we needed.

4) UVA (2010) – Just because I was front row. Best seats I’ve ever had…. and I didn’t have my camera with me. Fail. But win on the Terps’ part! We killed UVA by 21 points.

5) Duke game (2010) – FINALLY beating them Dookies, ending a 6 game losing streak. I think this may rival the UNC game as the best game I’ve ever been to, just because there was a lot of things riding on this. Greivis Vasquez ACC Player of the Year, Gary Williams ACC Coach of the Year, tying with Duke for first place in the ACC regular season….. oh and it was senior night. Much like me who’s leaving College Park (if things go as planned), this was the seniors’ – Vasquez, Eric Hayes, Landon Milbourne, – last home game. And boyyyy was it memorable. 79-72. GOLD RUSHING THE COURT!

5.5) ? Well, this sin’t really a memory of Comcast. But it was in consequence of 5. The RIOT OF 2012 AT ROUTE 1! Pepper spray, tear gas, horses, tanks, swat team, pellet guns………….. oh college.

It’s not time yet to reminisce about my College Park experience, although I’m afraid this is it for Comcast. That place was more therapeutic to me than a bubble bath ever was. I actually hate walking to my car parked at the Comcast garage even more now. Seeing Comcast and knowing I won’t watch another game in there – not as a student at least, and believe me, that makes ALL the difference – it’s just heartbreaking. Maybe I’ll sneak in. But it won’t be the same.

Comcastle. You were a HUGE part of my college experience.


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