Bad game. Got to move on. Showed tons of heart I thought with the comeback. GV didn’t play well, but that happens to the best of them.

i wanna believe this. i really do. buuuutttt i wanted to win too. 😦

but it’s ok. this loss was sort of justified. even needed. here’s my stand:
1) gtech needed a win to even get into the NCAA. desperate and hungry for a win.
2) they played their best game of the season, we played our worst.
3) we want them terps rested up for the NCAA anyway. ACC tourney doesn’t matter that much anyways.
4) we already have ACC regular season championship, COY, POY. we cant have everything.
5) i’m lying. this is bullshit. iwannawin.

i still love you terps.

spring break now. got plenty on my plate. i’ll get it done……… once i can actually breathe. leukocytes at work. humoral response, cell-mediated response, pyrogens, antibodies vs. antigens……… my immune system is getting it done!

i feel like the black plague.


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