We’re never gonna be as young as we are tonight

Currently sporting my 9:30 club shirt. I feel like a walking zombie. I can say that I’m tired but tha doesn’t even encompass how I feel. I’m so tired it actually hurts to type right now. And blogging in orgo when I have a test on Wednesday can only bite my ass later on. But last night deserves to be up here, before I forget the minor details.

After convincing everyone at 9:30 club that yes, I am in fact 21 years old, the first thing that I did was have sex on the beach. And boy was that gooooood. Expensive though, $8. (get your mind out of the gutter). Had 2 of those and a Bacardi shooter. SO good.

Really liked not having those pesky x’s on my hands anymore. Yes ma’am, that’s right. I’m on a mission tonight.

Ok, for memory’s sake, let’s mention the fact that this was the AP tour, which always always falls on or around my bday.
The Summer Set
Every Avenue
Hey Monday
The Cab

But wait – there’s more! Dave Cook from My Favorite Highway made an appearance tonight and sang with The Summer Set, and after the show, we saw Rian Dawson lurking around. What pleasant surprises. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I could talk about in great detail the sets of the night, or how I threw up afte Every Avenue’s set, but music is music, and it was fun, but really – we all know the best part was hanging out with the bands afterwards.

Brian from The Summer Set and Mike from Hey Monday were actually hanging out. The others kinda just signed and took pictures, wished me a happy birthday, all those good stuff. But mike – oh mike. He was funny. Made my night.

“I’m more special than you think I am!”

“see ya at the gay bars!”

“alright, fuck off.”

he was kidding. I think.

I kinda wish I did drink more though. But 1) shit was expensive. 2) moshing and jumping and dancing when you’re drunk does not give you pleasant results.

it’s ok. We’ll get my hammer on this weekend. πŸ˜‰


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