friends like you

TGY came to visit me today. i love her, obviously. although we lost a year together, we’re making up for it now. every conversation is valuable to me. i’m glad we’re gonna be friends forever.

Amanda and i were texting earlier. i lover her as well. so many great things can be said about this person. i see us being friends for life.

Chiara and i hung out today. i wish she was in my life more. she’s the kind of inspiration i need to be the person i want to become. i love her and the way she motivates me.

i am blessed to have people like these in my life. yes, they are not my best friends and they have their other friends. but these people give me a different kind of joy in life. friendships worth fighting for, even though sometimes, i feel like we have very little similarities.

love knows no boundaries.


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