Personal Journal of Doogie Howser


        Sometimes it just feels like an extension of high school. It’s no different. Cliques and the social pyramid – yup, everything still intact. You got the jocks, which here translates to the student athletes. You got the popular rich people who are the social elites, which are of course the frat boys and sorority girls. You got your nerds, which are the academically focused co-ed fraternities. Yes, Alpha Chi Sigma, Chemistry fraternity, I’m looking at you.  We’ve got the slackers, which mostly are the art majors, or the Poli. Sci. majors. There are the stoners, which here translates to… well, stoners.

        I supposed more often than not, people came here to learn. People came to have a good experience, too. Just because someone goes out four times a week doesn’t mean she has a poor GPA. But there are those people who work twice as hard and don’t nearly get good grades. That’s life I suppose.

        Point is, whether it’s high school, or college, and I’m guessing the real world, people are going to be classified. Labeled. By the things they do, the people they hang out with, or the things they can afford. And sometimes people let those names determine their worth. It’s a scary thought, but it happens. I don’t know what my label is, and although I am curious as to how the world sees me, I don’t care that much to worry about them determining my worth. It’s human nature to classify things. We like order, I get that. But it should also come naturally to us to learn to shake things off. To ignore people. To rise above what is expected, or even what has been set for us.



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