yeah, life’s fair.

really, all i want in life is a smart, cute, funny british guy, with an awesome accent, who’s family-oriented and open-minded, and preferably a Christian. is that too much to ask???

at work yesterday, this patient came in. he was 22, a fuckin GRAD student (i’m 21 and i’m still a junior!!!), with a cool british accent. he’s from the UK.

me: whoa, that’s a huge scar on your arm. what happened?
him: yeah they had to put metal plates in it when i broke my arm when i was 6 playing football. i mean soccer.

doctor: what’s your height?
him: …in feet?


can i keep him? 


Oh the leaves.

Today, I stepped outside and it was kind of cold. Not wear-a-jacket kind of cold. But definitely not humid-summer-air kinda feeling.

Fall is around the corner. I’m excited! 🙂



During work, I had to look for a girl named Kimberly. I walked around again and again but I still couldn’t find her. There was no one but one guy sitting in the waiting area.

Me: I’m assuming you’re not Kimberly…

Semi-cute guy: ….Actually…

He wasn’t Kimberly. He was just being funny. Which worked.


Anyway, I haven’t mentioned yet that I babysit two cute kids, Hunter and Mikey. They are energetic. Kind boys, just very hyper all the time. Even their dog Sally is bouncing off the wall.

I just thought that’s worth remembering years from now.


I’m so tired. I have so much going on, that hopefully will be worth it. In Lindsay’s words, “You’re putting yourself through hell because it’ll be worth it. It’ll be worth it. It’ll be worth it.” I don’t have as much homework to do. I’m still somewhat caught up to date with stuff. But I do have a lot of ACTIVITIES going on. Oyyyy.  I’m not going to say I’m enjoying it. But I’m not going to say I’m hating it either.

I’m a masochist, remember? Go figure.