i didn’t do this for 2009, mostly because the end of the year was too fucking painful. and i really regret it.
i will put minimal effort into this, partly because i probably don’t remember a lot anyway. but also because there are things i don’t wanna remember years from now.
that’s not to say that i’m gonna leave out the bad, painful memories. i’m just gonna minimize it.

also, i think a better idea is to do a recap every end of a semester. 🙂

2010. this is what you brought me:

  • organic chemistry. twice.
  • a great MD basketball season
  • my first legit job – Hunter and Mikey!
  • a gig at Children’s Hospital Center
  • not getting into nursing school
  • getting into nursing school
  • having a chill semester
  • writing and reading poetry
  • new shows via marathons 
  • new obsessions 😉
  • mending friendships
  • breaking friendships 
  • strengthening friendships
  • a lot of alcohol

2010 was great. a lot better than 2009. i find that my year is dictated by how i spent my new year’s eve. this year’s celebration was lame. but hopefully this vicious cycle will be broken this year. new year’s eve was lame, but the rest of the year is not gonna be. 

i only want 2 things. i set out 2 goals for myself this year. and i can do my best to make them happen. but if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be.

realizing what i want is the first step.


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