does anyone really know?

when i was little, i used to define love as wanting to do something, anything, for someone without return. i guess that’s not entirely wrong, but that’s only part of it. it’s a necessary definition, but not a sufficient one.

i used to measure my love for someone in very bizarre ways. i used to think about the threshold of love. at what point do i start loving someone? (we’re talking about non-romantic love, here. the other types of love are another discussion completely.) and i came up with this definition: if someone i know suddenly dies, i know i love them if i cry at their funeral. it’s kind of twisted and morbid, but it kind of makes sense. i guess i measure my love for someone based on what my reaction would be if they were abruptly taken away from me. 

i don’t know why i’m trying to measure love. or define it. anything ethereal requires no definition, because anything ethereal surpasses the power of words, making any kind of definition or explanation insufficient.


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