it’s frightening, really. how obsessed i become about someone i meet who i may or may not be interested. the only way to describe it is: a whirlwind of emotion. (i’m only using that phrase because there’s a song playing on my iTunes that uses that phrasing. and it seemed fitting.) i guess that’s what infatuations are. but damn, they are always, ALWAYS so strong that it’s hard to recognize them. i keep telling myself, “STFU, you’ve been here before. isn’t this familiar?” but nope, i never learn. 

at least i hit my head and regain my senses before doing something incredibly stupid. like, oh you know, telling the guy i like that i like him and then realize he did not feel the same way AT ALL and then have him go out with my bestfriend behind my back for two months before telling me.)

but you know, i’m not bitter.

(bahaha i’m really not! i just wanted to be snarky.)


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