Chuck Bartowski and Neal Caffrey

So I started watching this last Wednesday. I watched 6 episodes. That’s almost 6 hours of my life. And I have fucking validations. I will fail these validations because of Chuck Bartowski. 

But this guy, Zachary Levi, he is …. perfect. Alright, maybe not perfect, only because I don’t really know what he’s like in real life. But the dude is:

  • Handsome. Not cute. Not hot. Not pretty. Handsome.
  • Charming. You can’t help by smile when he talks. He draws people to him.
  • Talented. He can sing!
  • A Christian. There’s a video of him online explaining God’s love for him. 
  • Funny. He is silly and a total goober. Fucking adorable.
  • Down to earth. He takes the time to talk to his fans. Via twitter. Or before/after interviews, like they’re his friends. Who the fuck does that?
  • A self-declared nerd. Definition: one whose unbridled passion for something, or things, defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people’s judgement.


If I were given the chance to meet anyone, I’d pick him. 



Or Matt Bomer. But that won’t be much of a meet and greet; it’ll just be me drooling over him. 

Alright, I don’t even know where to begin with this man. He rolls out of bed perfect. He’s fun, funny, charming… pretty much copy+paste that list above for Zac. That’s Matt Bomer. Maybe a little more charming, a little more suave. A little more perfect?


And is it any coincidence that I Flynn Rider (played/voiced by Zachary Levi) reminds me of Matt Bomer?
Charming, sexy, not bad with the ladies – I’m pretty sure that’s what you’ll come across in the dictionary if you looked up Matt Bomer’s name. 

(My head almost imploded when I realized they used to work together. Yvonne Strahovsky, you lucky bastard.)


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