5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Get Married

5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Get Married
By John Cheese – Cracked.com

#5. You Don’t Have to Impress Each Other

… There are several ways to do this, but the result has to be the same: it’s you getting to a point where you can share the worst parts of yourself and not judge the other person when they do the same. This is why meeting on the Internet works so well for some people — they actually find it easier to be open and honest with a faceless person. For other people, they try dating somebody they’ve already become friends with — they were at the party where you accidentally pooped yourself in high school, there’s no need to pretend you’re suave. Or, maybe you just date somebody long enough that those barriers all fall down one by one, against your will.

In my particular case, three years ago I met a woman named Shaniqua Childpuncher (who for privacy’s sake we’ll call “Emily”), but not in a dating situation. We were just two people who made dick jokes with each other online, with no real plans for hooking up or even flirting for that matter. Since we didn’t have any of that stuff at stake, we didn’t have to worry about censoring ourselves or using the “date voice.” We could be open in the way that friends are when sharing crude jokes — baring disfiguring emotional scars and everything else. No subject is off limits in a conversation like that; the old addictions, horrifying relationships, the vices and embarrassing childhood photos (her pics came complete with boyband posters on her bedroom walls, mine were from the time I was in an actual boy band). It progressed from there. We’ve lived together for over two years now, and not once have either of us considered that this might not be the right thing…

#4. You Have to Learn How to Trust

…You’re not born with the ability to trust — as a newborn baby, you screamed your head off the moment Mom left the room, for fear you’d been abandoned. Trust is learned. I never had a reason to trust someone in my younger years, so my default position was to assume the worst.  The other person’s actual track record had nothing to do with it.

It wasn’t until I met Emily that I really felt secure, and it goes back to that openness that I talked about earlier. When someone bares as much dirty laundry as we both have, you don’t really feel that they have any room to hide anything. If she’s shared this much of herself with me, she couldn’t hide something even if she wanted to. So if she told me that she was going to take a few days to go to an undisclosed location for an unexplained reason, I’d be totally fine with it. She’s earned the trust, and this time I’m man enough to give it…

#3. You Become Friends (At Some Point)

…You can’t make a relationship work unless you actually enjoy each other’s non-sex company. If that sounds like rock-stupid obvious advice, then you don’t realize what a massive number of married couples didn’t follow it before shopping for rings…

But it works for some people and it did work for me. I was friends with Emily first and not only did I regularly unleash every retarded joke about balls that popped into my head, but our entire friendship was based around it. For instance, one of my most passionate creative pursuits in life is playing sports video games and thinking up profane names for the players. She joined me in spending hours in front of the character editor in NBA 2K, creating Point Guard “Hunchfuck Clusterbutt” and Center “Browncock Shitdents,” laughing until we couldn’t breathe. She made me sit down and watch the entire run of Battlestar Galactica. We liked hanging out, is what I’m saying.

And that thing people get in their heads, that friendship and relationships are opposite things, it’s hard to explain but it’s a different flavor of friendship, one where sex can break out at any time. Maybe we need a new word for it (and something less clinical sounding than “compatibility”). But no matter what you call it, that connection is the core of the relationship. Not the sex, not romance. And it’s not just the ability to tolerate each other in between the fun stuff.

#2. Neither of you is in Debt to the Other

Don’t picture your relationship as two people pulling a wagon. It’s like two legs carrying a person. 

If you break a toe, your legs don’t have an argument about the fact that one of them is forcing you to limp. You just automatically change your stride and keep going.

It’s hard as hell to get into the two legs mindset. If, say, you’re working and the other one isn’t, or if you’re working more hours, it’s easy to get to thinking that it’s your money, like you’re the father doling out an allowance, and that your significant other has to answer for every penny.

That’s when money destroys relationships. When you’re still thinking in terms of what’s yours and what’s hers, and what each of you have “earned” in money or time or unpleasant tasks that need doing. As long as you’re keeping a separate score, you’re still not thinking of yourselves as a couple. You’re just roommates.

You have to get to the point where you can trust each other to draw from the same pool, and if the girl says she needs $50 worth of (vagina polishing cream? I don’t know my girly products) that you trust she is being responsible. And when your job earns you some extra money in one particular week or month, you both get to decide how it’s spent. Even if it was your working overtime that earned it. Otherwise, everything becomes a battle.

#1. You Are Truly Grasping What Forever Means

…Imagine marriage didn’t even exist as a thing. Like imagine you didn’t live in a society where marriage is expected and where you continually get shit from people for not “tying the knot.” Imagine all of those social pressures were gone, nobody was nagging you about it. Would you still make the promise to stay with this person forever? Are you getting married because you want to be married? Or just because that’s what people do? A stunning number of marriages seem to happen because of the latter.

(Emily) made me realize that there exists a commitment so deep that some people are willing to bind themselves to its vows even without a piece of paper and a preacher to walk you through them. And I feel the same way she does. I mean, when you boil it right down to the basics, I’m committed to never cheating on her. I already love her, and I always will — true, honest love isn’t something that just dries up one day. I will always take care of her, no matter what the circumstance. I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life with her …



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