I’ve always known I would enjoy Peds. But it still took my by surprise by how much I love the unit, and the patients, and the families of the patients, and just EVERYTHING. 

My friend Jenny had this patient, Julianna, and she was just amazing. She was Filipino, so I got along with her and her parents really fast. She got attached, and so did I. I literally don’t even remember what I did with her or what we talked about, but I remember seeing her smile, and how it lit up the room. He parents were sweet, nice, and patient with us. It’s patients like her and families like the one she had who make it all worth it. I will for sure never forget her.

The patient that I actually had was adorable. He has sickle cell, so he was in a LOT of pain. But he powered through, that little munchkin. We are told constantly that the things the patients remember are not the nursing skills – how well we put in an IV, how neat we make the bed, or how diligent we are with the meds. Those are important, obciously. But what they remember is the patient care. What the parents appreciated is how I stayed in there to color with their son, to make crafts, to teach him how to use the incentive spirometer (and what it was for). I honestly just wanted the patient to have a good hospital stay. Yeah, I can take his pain away with his meds, but I can ease that loneliness and that fear as easily. He was on isolation, too, so he couldn’t leave. The least I could do was hang out with him. My heart really goes out to him and his family. I got to see him leae the hospital, and it made me so incredibly happy and relieved. He might not be 100% healthy, but at least I know his pain is under control.

I am going to love Peds. I already do. I really can’t imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life. 


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