So true.


The best fucking feeling in the world…

Saturday night through the randomness of life I found myself at total stranger’s house. 

He had just gone on a first date. The conversation that night would sometimes wonder onto music, work or the other “normal” topics discussed between a group of people but woul

 d return back to his first date. 

Where they went. How it started. What she looked like. 

He couldn’t stop smiling. He couldn’t stop talking about her. He couldn’t stop discussing how she would put her head on his shoulder, how he wanted to kiss her but circumstances didn’t allow and how he wanted to see her again. 

Love filled Man- “I’m sorry I keep talking about this.” 

“Don’t be sorry”- I would say. 

“Never be sorry about what you are feeling right now, because it’s the best fucking feeling in the world”. 

That’s right. 

It’s the best fucking feeling in the world. 

The light headedness, restless, nervous, energized, happy, anxious, undeterminded feeling that comes with meeting someone you are in awe with. 

That person that makes your eyes, heart, head and body happy. 

That person that makes your stomach open and close with each accidental touch. 

That person that makes your body twitch amazingly when you just think of them. 

That person that makes you stay awake because you can’t stop thinking of them and sleep so profound because you might have found the one.

That person who can make you look at the world with a little more new found hope and excitement.

That person who’s natural smell is the only perfume they ever need. 

Never apologize for it. Never be afraid of it. Never let it go for no reason. 

Connect with someone. 

Whether it lasts for a night, a month or forever, that overwhelming feeling is worth more than most people accomplish, earn or do in a lifetime. 

Just love until you can’t love any more and then do it all over again, until you do it forever.


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