it’s the wierdest feeling ever..   when we were there, all i wanted to do was to go home.. and now, well, as much as i hate to admit it, i actually wanna go back there.

here are some pix:::

honestly, first it kinda sucked for me coz i barely knew anyone.. but eventually… it got better. i just can’t wait till next year. i’m doing this again, despite the horrible sleep and that disguting icky feeling i feel after work everyday. i’m going back next year. HELLLL YEAH.

sooooo… here’s what happened::

sunday:: we got there after 3 hours of sitting in the bus… nothin special, except maybe for the dinner.. LOTS OF FOOD! then we stayed in a room in another church, and i guess that beacme our room for the whole week… basically, one huuuuge room with 18 (?) girls… no privacy, no decent beds… but, i guess that’s what made it fun.

monday:: …….*sigh* work.. basically we ripped off the foundation of this lady’s house.. i think her name’s Gloria.. and then we also ripped her pathway to the backyard coz it was totally jacked. and…. is that it? yess i think so.oh, and we were exposed to asbestos. so if i die of asbestos, this trip is to blame. 🙂

tuesday:: i think this is the day we went to the lake. well, i didnt. i stayed behind and i’m glad i did! see, by this time, i havent had rice for TWO WHOLE DAYS and well, to say it nicely, IT SUCKED. so we were walking down to the grocery store, i hear the ppol i’m with saying random numbers like… “45, 46, 47!” and i’m like…. “ummm…. what?” so they explain to me that since we got there, they’ve been counting the black ppol… lmao! so we kept walking.. and then i saw this chinese restaurant.. ‘bamboo garden’.. and i was just like… SWEET! then when we were about to walk away, ms bruce decideds to go in.. and she says… “let’s ee if she’s got her people here..” rotflmfao! and of course, i wanted to take of a picture of the ONLY asians i found… BUT NOOOO! they had to be mean and was like.. ‘no no.. you take no picture..’….. (FINE!) so, i just got my sweet and sour chicken with rice and left. that wouldve been funny to see…. 7 black ppol and an asian walking in hickville.. i bet you all the kids were like… ‘mommy, those ppol dont look like me!’  LMAO.. ohh and i’m pretty sure this was the day mr oc took his shirt off.. and gloria was like… ‘someone give me a dollar so i can put it in his waistband!!’  and   ‘i’ll put in a quarter more if you start dancin!’            ok, enuff said.

wednesday:: i barely remmber what happened today.. but i’m pretty sure this was the day we went rollerblading… of course, for most of the time, i just took pictures coz i was scared like shit. and ppol kept falling. specially when they did the chacha slide and the hokey pokey.. THAT was hilarious! and of course, of everyone falling, i have to say mr o’connell’s was the best! he had a lot of incidents when he’d almost fall, but with his skating skills, he damn wont. so when he finally did, of course, i HAD to take a picture of that.

thursday::.... dammit i cant remmber anything happening this day!! oh! we watched ‘best in show’… honestly, it sucked.. there were a couple of funny scenes… like this one scene, they were talking about sex.. and kramer goes.. ‘umm.. mr oc, i think this is a lil inappropriate.. ‘ and mr oc goes.. ‘YOU’re inappropriate!’….. he has the LAMEST comebacks ever.

friday::  last night.. kinda sad, really…. but, i’m kinda glad all the work are all done.. we watched ‘flight plan’.. and again, it sucked.basically, we just chilled and it was like a dy off. we walked around town too, and even that was boring. what made things worse is all the shit going on that night… oh. the. drama. OH! and we met CHRIST! well his name is CHRIS, but some dumbass put a T on his name…. and he works in ROY ROGERS.. and gretchen was like.. ‘so what’s it like working in roy rogers?’ and christ  was like ‘like broke back mountain…’ LMAO! and then when he was walking away, he flashed us his nipple……. now what does that say about ‘christ’??

saturday:: as much as i hate to admit it, it was kinda sad leavin. cumberland is a lil weird town, but there’s sumtin that makes you wanna wish you could stay longer. i mean, no sleep, no comfy bed, no tv, no internet, no RICE… but, i guess i had sooo much fun even tho it REALLY sucked at first. but on the other hand, i’m glad i’m away from all the drama.

at least that’s what i thought when i was leavin. that’s life, i guess. what’s life without the drama?

oh well.

but in this trip, i feel like i got to know people better. you see people walking down the halls and i guess you have this judgement about them and you have this set generalization about them. but then you really get to know them while being with them 24/7, and you prove your self wrong. i guess this trip is one of those opportunities we were all lucky to have bcoz if i didnt go, i wouldnt know these ppol like i do now. and shockingly, i actually miss the people i would never ever thought i’d miss. i slept last saturday night and woke up in an empty room. i got sooo used to having 25 people with me everywaking hour, and then suddenly, POOF, all gone. as much as i love all the comfort i’ve missed so much, there’s this longing feeling i have for all the crappy things we have there… like our sleepig bags all cramped up together, the YMCA shower that has no doors, the hospital food which was actually really good… i’m gonna miss cumberland. i can’t wait till next year.

leaving for summer trip in less than a week. excited, but not too much. more like… anxious. ahhhh i don’t know what to expect. mostly bcoz i don’t know who’s going and all that.

the taking back sunday concert, on the other hand…. i. can’t. wait. and then six flags the next day…. and then new york after that… jeeeeez i gotta get one of those jobs, or at least volunteer work… college.. oh, man.

“asians. stupid asians. don’ you just hate asians?”

big shout out to st. mark’s CLASS OF 2006!


especially to my sister… HA! you made it!! sjc’s gonna rock.