This is definitely one of those moments i am sincerely thankful for myspace. Bcoz of it, no one is EVER on xanga. And this means less people can read this, the only ones that care, i guess.


…As for now I’m gonna
hear the saddest songs

and sit alone and wonder…


Have you ever felt like there’s another whole person inside of you, a huge part of who you are and of your past, that no one can ever know about? EVER?

Have you ever felt like no one knows you at all? That everyone thinks they’ve got you all figured out, but they have NO clue who you are? Or even half of who you are?

Have you ever feel like you can’t talk to anyone about anything?

Have you ever felt like you’re losing everyone around you? That slowly, you’re being left behind? Alone?

Have you ever felt the worst feeling of disappointment and hurt in your life? No really, the worst degree you can EVER imagine?

Have you ever felt all these things… on your birthday? On that one day you actually look forward to despite everything?

And after all the anticipation, life throws you these things?

Yeah i know. You’ve all heard of this before. But really. Has any of these happen to you? Anyone? Coz, please, speak up.


So keep the blood in your head
And keep your feet on the ground
If today’s the day it gets tired
Today’s the day we drop out
Gave up my body and bed
All for an empty hotel
Wasting words on lower cases and capitals

I was right not to look forward to this day. I mean i get it, i was born, everyone’s happy, lalala. The moment i walked into school, all expectations were low. Really, i didn’t expect anything. I didn’t want to. And no, nothing material, nothing special. I just wanted to get through this day. But when those amazing people made me feel like, “yeah, i should be happy.”,  i tried, and lo and behold, i made it. i got through it. it even felt like i was happy. Maybe i was. For a few moments. Then i got pumped up for the day, i got excited. And then it came crashing down. again. I swear, i try to do everything in life right. I really do. But why does every single happy moment in my life has to end like this? Life is just plain cruel. I try not to think this way, but it just doesn’t stop, does it? ever? But why RIGHT after those times when i actually am happy?

It’s just a matter of things that happened, and didn’t happen, i guess.


I’m not giving up, giving in when will this war end?
When will it end??
You can’t stop me from falling apart…


Of all days all these things can crash to my mind, life picked this day. This day when i was decided nothing would go wrong. I mean, i didn’t try to make things go perfectly, but like i said, i just wanted to get through it. So let’s go. let’s break this down.

This person everyone sees is not all that i am. There is so much more. I feel like i’m split into two and there are certain people who see the first half, and there are other people who see the second half. I don’t think anyone knows me fully. AS A WHOLE. And no, it’s not anyone’s fault but mine. yeah of course i’m the one to blame. i never show the whole me. Or maybe because i’m scared of how people would react. And i don’t’ do it on purpose and deliberately hide it from them. It’s just that only half of me naturally emerges on the surface, leaving the other half hidden beneath. Like i said, my fault. And even though some people would think “so come on, let us get to know the full you.” (at least i hope so) i feel like things got so completely out of my control now, that if everyone gets to know me and that part of me, it would totally change who they think i am, and most probably change the way they see me. So now, i can’t do anything but continue this way, i guess.

Cause I’ve been housing all this doubt and insecurity and
I’ve been locked inside that house all the while you hold the key
And I’ve been dying to get out and that might be the death of me


And consequently, i can’t talk to anyone, openly, about ALL of the things i go through. And the only person i can talk to seems so far away, and that person’s a HUGE part of all of my misery right now. And i feel like there is NO ONE i can run to. I mean yeah yeah every depressed teenager says this, but fuck, half of them don’t get what they’re saying. Coz if i do tell this to someone, that means unveiling all of who i am, and like i said, i can’t do that. not yet, at least…i hope. If i do talk to someone, this means i have to tell that person about my whole being, my ENTIRETY. And no, i’m not ready for that. coz honestly, i’m scared, , of what i would say, of what they would say, and of what they would think.  Maybe i’m overreacting. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. But, what if? I’m taking any chances, coz in a way, i’m happy with how things going are right now.


Well there’s a secret I’ve been perfecting,
i swore i wouldn’t but you let me
i’m comfortably confused
You’ve gotten so removed

And disappointment and hurt? Again, of ALL days, it came on april 25th. There has always been this hope inside me, growing, but i know it would never happen. But what happened just hit me with the harsh cold reality that no,  it can’t happen. It told me to just let go, and stop hoping. Stop holding on to it. and of all days i can learn that, of all days life cant kick me down when i already hit rock bottom, it just had to be april 25th.


I stay wrecked and jealous for this
For this simple reason I

Just need to kepp you in mind
As something larger than life


So why am i all just doing this now? Why not on that miraculous day, 4-25? Let’s just say i was trying to see the good things, and trying to ignore all of the negativity. I was in denial i guess. I was trying to smile and be happy and have fun. I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. And now, haha, it’s over, now i can ruin it. after everything sank in, after i let my mind, my heart, and shit my whole being, process all these things, i just began realizing what i truly am feeling.


Maybe when i’m done with thinking
Maybe you can think me whole.
Maybe when i’m done with endings
This can begin, this can begin.

As much as i wanna say to those people who asked “so did you have a happy birthday?” that yeah i did,
it was great, the best, i couldn’t. don’t get me wrong, it didn’t stop me from lying and saying, “yeah it was kinda
fun”, but i did drop a couple of “that has got to be the worst bday ive ever had” and it wasn’t because i didn’t do
anything. It’s nothing material -’m not that shallow. I’m still thankful for those who gave me a happy bday. Or
at east ried to give me the concept of a happy birthday. I really appreciate it. (all details in the previous entry..?)

 would you like to forget
drop everything, start it all over
well, drop everything start it all over


I really believe life is just a huge compilation of stories. And i guess every event is one story. And of course we all learn something from every story right? There’s always a moral lesson. I guess this is one of those times that you look back to years from now. And you say, “yeah, i learned it the hard way.” So, what did i learn this time?

Fuck i don’t know.


 Take away the sensation inside
Bitter sweet migraine in my head
Its like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind
I can’t take this feeling anymore


ehhhhh we’re all entitled to sucky birthdays once in a while.


At least I feel better now, after letting it all out.


guess what?

today……. i’m oficially……….


sweeeeeeeeeet! one more year and i’m LEGAL!!!! YAY!
cigarettes ad porn? (sike, no!)

hahaha.. sooo.. today….

  • i went to Mass. yeah call me a loser or a Jesus freak. wtvr. it’s just my thing. (and mr. cooper was proud of me! HA!)

  • i got balloons! (thanks sam and steph, you guys are AWESOME!) 

  • natalie baked me brownies!! and they were GOOD!

  • someone gave me a HUGE muffin from starbucks…..who was that?? coz it was reeeeaaaalllly good…. 😀

  • jenn, lindz, and dine (did i forget anyone?) decorated my locker! for a few minutes, i really thought i was gonna have to decorate my own locker coz that’s my PERSONAL JOB! i decorate ppol’s lockers for their bdays… yeah i DID sort of feel a lil pathetic but hey, my locker got decorated anyway! (i caught someone ‘secretly’ decorating it.. hmmmmmm…)

  • i got a 10 years CD and three pretty bracelets from jenn! (accompanied by a cool-ass bday card with a looooong message… in orange, no less)

  • i got a gajillion of “OMG YOU’RE 17?!?!?”

  • $15 from my aunt who didnt know today was my bday

  • $1.25 from my lil cousin who didnt know it was my bday. it was ALL of her money too! i thought that was REALLY sweet.

  • my mom cooked spaghetti and chicken wings for me (yeah thos kind that you buy in costco and put in the microwave) and we had an ice cream cake too. yeah party of five. fun fun. (its ok tho. i know she had work last nite so she must be REALLY tired.but hey, i really appreciate the effort!)

  • i got a bunch of text messages from my relatives in the philippines. A WHOLE BUNCH. mannn that would cost me… but hey, thanks guys!

  • …………….. yeah that’s it.


it is a pretty boring day. i mean compared to last year which was WHOAAAAA. well, that’s life. if anyone should know about life’s ups and downs, it’s me. and what’s disappointing is… a bunch of ppol forgot. even the ones i didn’t think would. *sigh* and one of my balloons popped. and i only got to eat one brownie. and kramer copied my hw but didnt give it to me on time, so i didnt have it in class.

again, that’s life.

so what am i gonna do for my bday?

…………………………………………uhhh nothin. at all.

yeah yeah hold your AWWW’s and save your pity. ehh i dont even care anymore. i’m glad i didnt look forward to my bday that much.

just another day.


sooooo yesterday was fun.. we went to bowie town center and watched scary movie 4. it was funny. i loooved that japanese part.. “mitsubishi teriyaki yamaha?”     “sashimi sushi nissan!”   mannn hilarious!

but i really wanna see “THE OMEN” !!!!!!  that’s gonna be SCARY!!!!

any of you remember taht song “whats up?” by 4 non blondes? that’s my first rock song ever. at least, the one that i remmber…

you know who’s HOT!?

Beau Mirchoff. hands down…..

he’s 17 years old and is in SCARY MOVIE 4 so… go see it!   whoa dude, he’s my age, but he looks…. old?? ehh not really..


another hot guy? adam lazzara. TBS album coming out next week!!! guess what date?



i would put up a pic…. but i cant find a decent one.. his hair is always on his face…. mann that dude,,, seriously.

i’m sorry my dear sister, but i’m stealing your stuff.



ahhhhhh can it get any more hardcore that this?