>> JENN made this… and i LOVE it……



My arms

My knees

My legs

Even my fingers



Too much volleyball.. badminton.. and basketball…


Everything hurts………..

That party in tta molly’s house was F.U.N….

For al those who didn’t go… (ahem lorenzo.. ahem G.) you guys suck! LMAO

No for real it was fun… we played volleyball for hours… (that explains my soreness..) rj, susa, and padua kept on hitting the ball on juicy’s direction…. THAT WAS FREAKIN HILAROUS!!!  Then I got hit on the face by mr. rj…… I hit him back.. unintentionally tho.. heehee..

Ohhh.. then juicy san “hit me baby one more time” by britney spears…. And “like a vigin” by Madonna……. Mwahahaha!!!!! Funny!! I had soo much funnnnnnnnnnnnn…

And oh wait.. there’s more….. there’s this cute guy there… incoming senior I think… lorenzo’s the name…. dang, he was cute… (woooohoo hazel!!) but bcoz were dorks.. we didn’t even talk to him… oh wellll….

Ohhhhhhhh and jenn gave me pix from by bday!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

And today.. I baby sat…. dang,, if that kid wasn’t cute… id be really trippin..

Im sooo beat up…. It’s just the 6th day of summer.. and im sooo flipin tired…. What happened to sleeping all day!?!??!

My body still hurts…. Hurts soo bad… really bad…




CFC Youth for Christ North Eastern Pre-Conference in New York………


It feels good to go and just worship God… I mean,, it was awesome!! We were just rocking and yelling out the songs.. and we didn’t care that we are all out of tune… and the talk was awesome too.. every time I go to pre-con.. I cry.. coz…… idk.. it feels good… it’s like getting in touch with Him again… Lmao.. but no, seriously.. it feels great.

had fun… met sum ppol from other states.. don’t really remember their names.. lol.. but I remember mike and bobby from new york.. and Karen from new jersey.. (dang. That girl can sing!) and Kevin from virginia…… and.. ha! That’s it!

Oh and after that… we just drove around new york… too many lights!!! I gotta go back there!!!!  I GOTTA GET OUT OF MARYLAND!!!!! Hehehe…

Too bad I can’t go to the conference in Ohio my parents are not gonna allow me.. hehe.. but.. I really hope I can go to next year’s pre-con…. It’s in Delaware I think..

Everything else was nice.. except for the bus ride.. dang.. 6 hours in the bus… that seriously hurt my butt… lmao… it was hard to sleep too… but everything else was great…

And DETTE… if it weren’t for you.. I wouldn’t have gone… YOU’RE MY HERO!!!!


Then today.. we went to Potomac mills and went shopping!! Oh yeah! And in the midst of my shopping glory… jenn called me… and she was doing sumting really awesome…

She was buying watermelons…….. How nice… (lmao)

Anyway… I bought a bunch of stuff!! Me and my sis just walked around and went to our favorite stores:: hot topic, claire’s, this bookstore  that caught our attention and of course… five below… hehehe…


Then tomorrow.. we have a party in tta mollys house… really hope the weather’s gonna be nice………


Wow.. I’ve been busy lately… then we’re going to king’s dominion for my bro’s bday/grad…I’m actually having a life!!! Hehe… hope this goes on all summer long… or else… im going to be C.R.A.Z.Y….



sum1 (I forgot who!!): I used to want to be a make-up artist

Joanna (sp?): did you, really?

Sum1: yeah.. that’s before I realized that there’s a difference between boys and girls.

Chris: whoa,, u figured out that one late!  



sum1 random: excuse me… how old is your age again?










— Known as: Marinela//nella//Lanelle
— Lives in: hyattsville
St. john’s
–Shoe size: 9!!
–Hair color:black
–Eye color: dark dark brown… black..?
–Style: uhhh….

[section 2 – have you ever…]

–Broken someones heart: nope
— Had your heart broken: yup
— Had a dream come true: uhhh… im not sure..
— Done something you hate?: oh yeah
— Cheated on a test: hehehe.. yeah

[section 3 – currently]

— Wearing?: white shirt.. and gray shorts
— Listening to?: the used >>all that I’ve got..
— Watching?: uhhh.. nuttin..
— What Should u REALLY be doing?: filling up this form.. sumtin bout scholarship…

[section 4 – do you…]

— Have any piercings?: yup
— Drive?: not legally..
— Drink?: in “special” occasions..
— Smoke?: ew ew ew no..
— Got a cell?: yep *big smile*

[section 5 – the last person you…]

— Hugged?: ohhh…. I think G.. from school..
— Kissed?: no one… well there is this one guy in
my dream…..

— IMed?: uhhhh…
— Talked on the phone?: dette

[section 6 – personal]

— What do you want to be when you finish college?:
nurse…? Doctor..? anything on the medical field..
— What has been the best day of your life: my SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY!! That night rocked!!!

— What comes first in your life?: God
— What are you most scared of?: loosing sum1 I love…… and goodbyes…… and snakes…
— What do you usually think about before you go
to bed?: ……so there’s this guy……
–Did you lose someone you really loved?: yeah…
— How many times have you fallen in love?: uhhh… how do u know if ur in love………?
— Love your friends?: OF COURSE!
— Love your family?: well, we have our moments… but I LOVE THEM TO DEATH

[section 7 – favorite]

— Movie: uhh.. let’s ee.. spiderman2… school of rock… coach carter… napoleon dynamite….. the ring1… a
— Store: target….?
— Sport: to watch or play..? to watch>> basketball…. To play>>volleyball
— Day of the week: FRIDAY!!

[section 8 – do you]

— Like to give hugs?: yeah.. why not?
— Like to give kisses?: uhhh… ha.. ha.. haha..
— Like to walk in the rain?: HELL YEAH
— Prefer black or blue pens?: black
— Like to travel?: yep yep
— Sleep on your side, stomach or back?: side or stomach.. I can NEVER stay still..
— Have a goldfish?: I did.. but it died….. I don’t think it was even a goldfish…

[section 9 – what do you think about…]

— Suicide: uhh… I can understand why ppol do it….
— Smoking : NASTY
— Summer: fun… but sumtyms boring…
— Tattoos: uhhh.. not into it very much…
— Piercings: I guess they’re okay… but not like all –over
ur body…
— Gay Marriage: ohhh…. Ha..ha..haha..






Finals are over!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!

I’m soooooo glad school is over!!!!! YAAAY!!!!! I can wake up late tomorrow!!!!!!!!

But it’s saddd… coz I wont see other ppol till… next school year… *sigh*  im going to miss you guys….

Yeah…. Nuttin happened… coz duh, finals… geometry wasn’t as hard as I thot it would be.. (surprisingly..) uhh.. anyone know when we find out what we got in our tests..?

Oh yeah….. I have to spill out all my anger about sumtin….. today was the last day of school and of course, ppol were planning sumtn.. so we were planning to go to wheaton just to… uhh..  chillax after those bombing exams….. but my parents didn’t want me to go… coz guess what..?!?! apparently,, they think im goint to be abducted in the mall…. Seriously,,, what are the odds I would get kidnapped!?!?!

And noooo… that’s not all… ok, we were watching American idol.. (oh shut up..) and I want Bo to win.. (yes I do!) but they wanted carrie to win…. So I was calling that #… and they wouldn’t let me vote… I was like “cmon! I can’t go out.. I can’t vote… dude!! What would I do with my God-forsaken-oh-so-pathetic life?!?!!” UGGGHHHH!!!

I gotta get a life over the summer…. Ohh! Im going to new york this Saturday!! And I’m doing volleyball!! Is that considered active enuff??


my sis’ school::

my sis: BOO!!

Her classmate: Jesus Christ you scared me!

Me sis:…….. I’m not Jesus Christ..


//ayt. This one is kind of obscene… hehe..//

6th period lunch::

gen-of-eve: why is everyone drawing penises on year books?!?

Jen (sp?) perry: I know! Sum1 draw a fxcking vagina!

Sebastian draws one….

Sebastian: there u go.. so if u feel like a girl,, look at the penis.. if u feel like a lesbian.. look at the vagina!

Luisa: what the hell is that?

Sebastian: a vagina

Leigh: it doesn’t look like one…

Sum1: ooh.. leigh.. how do u know!?

Leigh: coz I have one, u fuck!



before school…

me: it’s the ast day of school!! It’s sad…

matt: why are u sad?? Im happy coz I wont see u guys anymore!

Everyone: *gasps*

Matt: joking….

Sum1: oh shut up.. we don’t like you!

Alex: I never liked him..

Matt: *gasps*

Hahaha! One word… Karma.


Oh yeah!! Ppol!! We gotta meet over the summer!! ImmA go CRAZY!!


*        We went to the zoo!! Me and jenn got there late.. like really late… everyone was like: “u guys said 11!!” we got there around 1 pm.. hehe.. it’s called “fashionably late…” or Filipino time… whichever suits u well…

*        It was sooo much funn!! G was on a wheelchair and everyone took turns in pushing herrr!! Hahaha! Ppol kept bumping into things… and everyone just stared at us……..  and we bought food there,, we ate lunch and practically spit out the ice cream we were eating bcoz we were having too much fun… we kept on laffin our asses off from some stupid things… we laffed a lot that everyone around us were just like “wtf is wrong with them??!”

*        then we looked at the animals… we saw an octopus!! And bears!! And spiders!! And seals! And komodo dragons! And birds! And eagles that can’t fly!! (saddd I know..)  And uhh.. wat else??? I cant remember all the stuff we saw.. but oh well.. it was fun fun… then uhh.. after hours of walking and looking at cute and not-so-cute animals,, sum ppol had to leave… till there was me and jenn.. we went to the gift shop and bought friendship necklaces.. (lol I sound like im in 2nd grade)… then we took pictures of stuff IN the gift shop……….. then we waited for her mom.. and it was seriously about to rain..  like thunderstorms w/ lightnings… jenn was actually freaking out.. then we finally decided to walk down to the metro station…. Lmao.. we were jogging and everyone was like “wtf?”… well it was about to rain!! HARD!!! And thankfully,, we didn’t get that soaked…

*        And wait… fun’s not over yetttt!! After going to the zoo,, since it was pouring hard…. Me, jenn, and her mom went to hecht’s!! haha! Soo while her mom was trying on stuff… we tried on some stuff too!! We put on caps, sunglasses, scarves, belts, purses….. and PROM GOWNS! We took pictures, of course! Jenn, u gotta print those out SOON…

*        I had soooo much fun today…. All the yelling I got for coming home late was worth it… haha..

N        W0w… i havent updated in a really long time…… more than a week… whoa… so…. i basically missed that part of last week when we dissected those amazing animals… frog and pig.. it was awesome.. but talking bout it now is just pointless….. but im still singing our song: “i tear my frog open, i saw my frog shut..” (monica: “u put it back together?”) LMAO!!

N        So.. this week… main highlight was the cultural show thingy… (what’s the official name of that!??!?) we danced tinikling and carinosa… and some other ppol danced hawaiian.. and yeah… uhh.. ooh,, we sang too! i mean choir, the night before.. it was good…. And we actually sounded better than last time! Lmao.. we used to suck really bad…. And who would have thought that ms. Flagg is in a rock band!??!

N        Tita Molly is in california…. *sigh*

N        Those are practically the main things that happened… basically nuttin..  except that this awesome school year is ending in a really fucked up way… yeah, i think i already said that too many times.. everyone is being sooo weird… wtvr….

N        And oh yeah… we had a mass today.. and some ppol were pretty shitty… i mean,,, really… ignorant and everyhting…. Ugghhh… they say some offensive things, u know??!!? Why cant they just shut up?! I mean,, can’t they just say “oh, idk that langauage..” and just leave the damn thing alone?!?! They just had to make fun of it : “ i bet u they just asked her to make up some words and call it TA-galog..” …….or….. “i still think it’s chinese…”  WHAT THE FUCK!!???!? That seriously annoyed the flippin crap out of me… Does Friday the 13th have anything to do with this?…. nah… coz Friday the 13th has always been great for me! Haha! Well,, it WAS pretty fun today.. i mean, after school….. but it’s always fun after school anyways… so yeah… me, jenn, manda, and kuya were just hanging out.. and it was………. Weird.. hehehe.. but it was soooooo funny… so is my ride home w/ manda and her mom…… and her mom was ust like “what did u guys eat today…?”

N        Ayt ayt… im trying to think of some funny stuff ppol said….lemme think…..


Jenn: “i don’t wanna go to hell.. coz it’s hot down there… and i don’t like hot weather….”  


bro. Kines: “repita por favor.. yo encuentro!”

Class: “yo encuentro!”

Bro. Kines: “tu encuentras!”

Class: “tu encuentras!”

Bro. Kines: “el encuentra!”

Class: “el ancuentra!”

Jacob: “let me get an Amen!”           LMAO!!!


(mr. Bilenki was talking about machines invented during the industrial revolution…)

carolina: mr bilenki, what’s that thing called again? That thing in cinderella…err… i mean, sleeping beauty …? Where she pricks herself?

Mr. Bilenki: ……………

Carolina: that thing! That spinny thingy.. that thingy… that’s in rumplestilskin (spellin?).. that spinning thing!

Class: …………………

JP: ……… are you high?


i cant remember anything else!!!!!!! Ohhh tomorrow were goin to the ZOO!! Yaaay!!

oh gawd… this week sux really bad…… REALLY bad… the school year is ending in a gawd-dammit-what-the-fuck-this-is-bullshit kinda way….hope u get my point after that awesomely bad description.. kinda hard to miss it, ryt?


it’s 5:45 and i’m still awake…. well half..

ALL NIGHTER!! damn.. i’m gonna be DEAD today in school………….

wish me luck… pray for me….

im hungry.

::_**_:: Basics ::_**_::
01.) Name::  Marinela Baltazar
02.) Middle Name:: ……
03.) DOB:: April 25, 1989
04.) Age:: 16
05.) Location:: hyattsville
06.) Eye Color:: dark dark brown.. almost black
07.) Hair Color:: black
08.) Hair Length:: long
09.) Height::5’3
10.) Shoe Size::9.. lmao!
11.) Glasses or Contacts:: nope
12.) Braces::nope
13.) Single or Taken:: single
14.) Bad Habits:: uhh.. zoning out in class?
15.) Fears:: loosing sum1 i luv… and gudbyes… and snakes!
16.) Screen Name:: lanelle2512

::_**_:: School ::_**_::
17.) Where Do You Go to School:: St johns hs
18.) Whats Your School Mascot::  cadet
19.) Whats Your School Colors:: scarlett n gray
20.) Whats Your Favorite Subject:: uhhh… lunch..?
21.) Whos Your Favorite Teacher:: bro martin.. (?) mr lander.. (?)
22.) What Do They Teach:: english and geometry
23.) Who Sits Next to You In Math Class:: marie!

::_**_:: Love Life ::_**_::
24.) Do You Have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend:: nope
25.) If So, Whats Their Name:: ……
26.) If So, How Long Have You Been Together:: ……
27.) Do You Have a Crush::yep yep
28.) Do They Know:: hell no.. over my dead body..
29.) Have You Ever Broken Someones Heart::nope
30.) Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken::……yes

::_**_:: Favorites ::_**_::
31.) Animal::lil dogs
32.) Color:: green
33.) Person::ahem ahem…
34.) Subject:: uhh… BIO!
35.) Season::spring/fall
36.) Holiday::christmas
37.) Hobby::volleyballall/playin guitar/writing stuff…
38.) Sport::volleyball
39.) Feeling:: wtf? favorite feelin??
40.) Saying:: “u dont know what u’ve got till its gone…”
41.) Word:: dude! lmao
42.) Month::april!
43.) Clothing::sweatshirt/sweatpants/jeans…?
44.) Jewelry::anything.. as long as its green.. hehehe..
45.) Food::fries and pizza!
46.) Snack:: chips…..?

::_**_:: Friends ::_**_::
47.) Best::  whew! looong list!!!

48.) Daringest::crap i dunno…
49.) Funniest:: oh.. we’re all retards…
50.) Tallest::uhh… leigh..?
51.) Shortest::abbey!!
52.) Loudest:: jenn!
53.) Shyest:: amanda…….
54.) Smartest:: uhh… monica and teresa!!! and of course….. GERALDINE!!!!

55.) Blondest::stephanie…? (do i have any blonde friends???)
56.) Craziest::abi… hence the name “crazy abi”
57.) Nicest::.. damn tuff one….
58.) Sweetest:: uhhh…uhh….

59.) Weirdest::i think that would be me…..
60.) Flirtest::joe and abbey!!!! quote: (padua:) “save it for marriage!”

::_**_:: Have You Ever ::_**_::
61.) Had a Wish Come True::uhh.. i dunno.. i think…
62.) Had a Dream Come True:: nope
63.) Broken a Body Part::nope
64.) Fallin’ in Love::i think…?
65.) Done Something You Regret::yep
66.) Tripped and Fell in Public::oh cmon,, we’ve all done that!
67.) Sang in Public::dude, im in choir….
68.) Cryed in Public::yes…!
69.) Kissed Someone Besides Family::………………
70.) Been in a Car Crash:: n0pe.. n0t that i want t0..

::_**_:: The Last ::_**_::
71.) Thing You Did Before Getting on the Computer:: hw! dammit!

72.) Person You Yelled at::my sis… hehehe..
73.) Person You Hugged::jenn… well.. actually the pc.. it was a … cyber hug.. LMFAO!!

74.) Person You IMed:: lorenzo
75.) Time You Cleaned Your Room::uhhh.. last week… oh no.,, yesterday!
76.) Song You were Listening to::well. im listening to ‘remedy’ by seether
77.) TV Show You Watched::zack and cody!
78.) Movie You Watched:: that disney movie about racing… 
79.) Time You went to the Movies::a month ago i think?
80.) Time You Cryed::last night
81.) You Took a Shower::this morning…

::_**_:: This OR That ::_**_::
82.) Coke OR Pepsi::coke
83.) Tall OR Short::tall.. or at least taller than me
84.) Flowers OR Candy::flowers
85.) Math OR English::math
86.) Blink 182 OR Sugarcult::Blink182
87.) Mickey OR Minnie::Mickey
88.) Middle School OR High School:: highschool
89.) Boyfriend OR Girlfriend::boyfriend duh..
90.) Single OR Taken:: single

::_**_:: Word Association ::_**_::
91.) bead::jewelry
92.) bed::sleep
93.) sexy::beach lol
94.) phone::new!
95.) tough:: crying.. (oh dont ask)
96.) neato::uhh.. ok i went blank there…
97.) leather::shoes
98.) weird::me
99.) so::anyway
100.) easy:: slut
101.) test::math
102.) nerd::uhh.. this guy… ahem… 
103.) falling::trampoline
104.) air::pollution
105.) hot::philippines

::_**_:: Random ::_**_::
106.) do u sleep with a stuff animal::yes.. its a pink pig… and he’s name is freddy.. just thot u should know….
107.) do u like snowballs::yep!
108.) are u in school::yep
109.) do u like to swim::yep
110.) are u funny:: idk.. am i? ppolo think im just s2pid.. does that count?
111.) wut do u think of water::uhhh.. i need it.. D.U.H.
112.) are u a blonde at heart::ha! sike!
113.) have u ever been to maryland:: i live here…
114.) have u seen “chasing liberty”::nope
115.) are u happy this survey is over::yesssssssss.. dude its fxckin 4:17 am!! and i have school tomorrow.. i mean l8r.. wtvr… STOP CONFUSING ME!!